Kalgrup Ltd – A group of fruit and vegetable producers

phone: +48 667 986 680 

e-mail: kalgrup@kalgrup.pl, biuro@kalgrup.pl


The sales season of root vegetables and onions continues 
(October – April)


Currently in our offer:

– Gold onion

– Dessert carrot

– Industrial carrot
– Dessert parsley
– Industrial parsley
– Dessert beetroot
– Industrial beetroot


The sizes, as well as the way of preparation and packaging are determined by the recipient.

The schedule of sales and the prices are determined on a weekly basis every Monday.

Prices are negotiable.

– Initial telephone arrangements (availability for purchase, price negotiations) should be made with Mr. Sebastian Kottara , the Director of trading or via e-mail by sending a request form.

– After the initial arrangements, please place your orders a few days in advance, always via e-mail to: kalgrup@kalgrup.pl, using a form provided by KALGRUP

– An order shall be deemed to have been approved for delivery only after a confirmation of the availability by KALGRUP       via e-mail.


We accept orders both for whole trucks and single pallets.

The goods in the amount of whole trucks are delivered with the transport organised by Kalgrup or the Recipient. Smaller quantities are received individually.


Broccoli, cauliflower – available from June to November
 Parsley, beets beetroot, onions – available from December to April

Order form: