Kalgrup Ltd – A group of fruit and vegetable producers

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e-mail: kalgrup@kalgrup.pl, biuro@kalgrup.pl

About us

In 2008, KALGRUP was registered as a limited liability company. The vision of the founders was significant development and expansion of the company. The mission – production and sale of vegetables at the highest level, expanding markets and brand recognition on the shelves of major retail chains.


Many years of work in this area has helped us achieve these results.


Currently Kalgrup is a recognized group of vegetable producers, gathering 46 members. Crop area exceeds 1,000 hectares. Production of root vegetables frequents 5600000 kg, brassica vegetables at 770000 kg, onions 3000000 kg (data from 2013).

Storage capacity includes cooling chambers allowing storage of up to 13 thousand tons of vegetables in the refrigerator. Onion storage is equipped with high-tech vents. This allows the production of high quality products, almost all reliably supplied 12 months a year.


Our reliability is exemplified by the increasingly long list of customers both domestic and abroad.


Our products can be found on the shelves of large retailers (e.g. Tesco, Lidl, Kaufland).


High organization of work with in-tune, experienced staff allow the dispatch of up to 10 trucks of finished product per day.


If you are interested in our produce, please send information on the details of the trade cooperation, quantity, location and organization of delivery and the required packaging. On that basis we will offer best possible prices.



If you wish to meet with us, please specify the date of meeting.

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